Start your engines! The race has begun! Today we are sharing a fun and environmentally-friendly way to create DIY cardboard race cars inspired by the bold colors in our Super Duper 4-Kid Dome Tent.

Our Super Duper 4-Kid Dome Tent is the ideal race track for cardboard cars and small children alike! This giant indoor / outdoor tent can withstand all kinds of play, thanks to it’s waterproof floor, “G-3” shock-corded fiberglass PU-coated pole system, a large front door and two tunnel ports.

Plus, the full mesh top ensures that fresh air and sunlight filters in while parents can supervise playtime with a quick glance through the ceiling.

Like all of our tents, the tunnel port is great for attaching to one of our many colorful tunnels as well as allowing for extra ventilation!

Not only is this extra large tent an interactive place to explore but it’s oversized dimensions make it the perfect speedway for cardboard cars.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your very own DIY cardboard race cars:


  • Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut in half)
  • Flat Sheet of cardboard or lightweight chipboard
  • Black cardstock
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Black pen
  • X-Acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive-backed paper or label paper
  • Brads

Begin by cutting out three sides of a rectangle into the center of the toilet paper roll.

Paint the entire roll with acrylic paint and let dry.

Using the acrylic paint bottle as a stencil, trace around it four times on black cardstock to create the “tires.” Once those are cut out, trace four smaller circles (approximately 0.5″ smaller) onto white adhesive-backed paper and trim.

Place the white circles over the center of the black circles.

Secure each of the four tires in place using brads poked all the way through the toilet paper roll.

Draw out a steering wheel and other race car details onto the white adhesive-backed paper using a black pen and cut out.

Place the details onto the car.

Continue this process on additional cars until there is one for everyone to participate.

Vroom! Vroom! Let’s race across the room!