Two of our favorite things are right around the corner: Autumn and Halloween! When it comes to the Fall season, our thoughts quickly drift to pumpkin patches, hay rides and apple picking at local farms. There’s nothing quite like a crisp afternoon amidst the changing leaves and the friendly farm animals! Even though this wonderful season only lasts a few short months, our Barnyard Playhouse is the perfect solution to enjoying a farm-side experience all year long!

Cows and horses and pigs…oh my! Our Barnyard Playhouse is large enough to easily accommodate three or more of your child’s favorite farmyard friends as they tend to the barn.

Featuring high-quality 190T Denier polyester taffeta and a realistic barn shape, this product is sure to hold up to countless hours of play!

Your little rancher will enjoy adventures galore in the barn as the No-See-Um mesh keeps the farm animals in and the pesky bugs out.

This playhouse is constructed of G3 fiberglass “super poles” that not only ensure safety and security, but are also color-coded for quick and simple set-up.

Since safety is of the utmost importance at the barn, this playhouse comes with radius cut hook and loop fasteners to prevent cuts and scrapes.

Gather all your barnyard friends and create these friendly animal ear headbands! These playful accessories can stay in rotation long after all of the Halloween candy has been consumed. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Felt in various colors
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic headbands


  1. Begin by folding the felt sheet over twice.

2. While the sheet is folded, trim out two fox ears. Make sure that you maintain the fold at the bottom of the ears so that they can overlap the headband.

3. Adhere the ears to a plastic headband using hot glue.

4. Next, lay the tip of each ear over a skinny strip of black felt and adhere together using hot glue. Once it’s set, trim around the ear to remove the excess black felt.

5. From there, cut out two small yellow triangles to place in the center of the ears.


  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from the fox ears above.
  2. Once you have the largest part of the ears cut and glued to the headband, trim out two more sets of smaller ears to add extra detail to the rabbit ears.

3. Adhere the three layers per ear to the headband.


  1. Repeat the same steps as the rabbit ears above and create a pair of bear ears.

Happy trails to you!